Welcome to The Webmail Blog!

Welcome everyone, to The Webmail Blog. Webmail.us has officially entered the blogosphere!
It.s my third week at Webmail.us as I open this blog. I have been challenged to create something both personal and professional that will give readers an open door into our offices and cubicles and to share some of our excitement and passion.
Being at a place with the right product at the right time feels fantastic! Better email – with the best webmail I’ve seen. Demand for spam-free and virus-free email that can be accessed anywhere is growing sharply as businesses try to be more productive in our information-driven economy.
My title is director of services and support: a position fraught with potential highs and lows. It is my belief that I was hired because of some of the work I did at Charter Communications to bring about unsolicited, proactive customer service to my part of the organization.
Webmail.us has been a place where the fertile foundation of customer service has allowed the company to grow into a vibrant and cohesive organization. Shared goals on excellent, superior, and flawless service do a lot to unify a group. I spent my first week learning the organization and my second week trying to figure out how to make happy customers even happier. Proactive support seems to be my window of opportunity and an opportunity for Webmail.us to have even more of the happiest customers on the Internet.
So this blog is a very small part of this effort to reach out, to build and connect in new ways. As an organization we believe in taking exceptional care of our customers and in making the best out of our opportunities to serve them. RSS and blogging are natural choices.
I’ll be writing quite a bit about our company, especially with regards to product and service updates as well as industry news relating to email, spam, phishing, viruses, and anything else that happens to catch my eye.
Our CEO, Pat Matthews, has his own blog about his vision of the email hosting industry and leadership in general. If you.re curious, check it out.
We’re on a fun ride in today.s business world and it.s only going to get more interesting with each passing day.
Again, welcome to The Webmail Blog
Kirk Averett
Webmail.us, Inc.
Director of Services and Support



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