Wendy’s Bids For Value With The Rackspace Cloud

About a month ago, we gave you the head’s up on The State of the Cloud Webinar, hosted by Information Week.  This webinar featured panelists such as Klemens Wengert of interactive marketing firm White Knight LLC, and Lew Moorman, president, Cloud and chief strategy officer at Rackspace Hosting.

Klemens and his team worked together on the Wendy’s International campaign, 99CentBidforValue web-based reverse bidding auction.  The problem they were presented with was an unknown number of participants hitting the website all at once and within an extremely limited time frame, making it nearly impossible to predict the number of servers needed. There would also be lulls when maximum servers would be unnecessary.

Klemens breaks down the configuration that he and The Rackspace Cloud used for Wendy’s International: “We connected with The Rackspace Cloud, and we were up and running in a very short period of time – in about 24 hours or so.  We didn’t know anything about how many users were going to hit the server at the same time.”

He further explains, “When you design marketing experiences, which is what we really do, it’s very difficult to know what kind of penetration you’re going to have.  Due to the great scalability of the Rackspace Cloud, we were able to handle the sustained load of 400 database transactions per second.”

All in all, Klemens was pleased with the speed and agility of the process, “The agile development process made it into an extremely successful project, and the deployment through the cloud was fabulous and went well.  We gained 40,000 new registrants in 10 days, harvested email addresses for continued marketing efforts, and made Wendy’s a very happy customer.”

Klemens closes, saying, “It was exactly the right fit for what Wendy’s needed.”

The Wendy’s/White Knight story underscores the inherent value of cloud computing – taking the guesswork out of predicting datacenter needs and the not insignificant resources needed to do it yourself. Solving these problems while saving time and money allows cloud customers like Klemens Wengert to focus like a laser on what they do best – in this case, creating compelling end user experiences for high brow clients like Wendy’s International and their customers.

Want to see the results for yourself?  Check it out, and find out when the next auction is taking place!

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  1. Interesting post. For larger target clients like Wendy’s it seems to make sense to go on the cloud, but what’s better for smaller clients where hits will also be unknown, but not to the extreme mentioned in the above post?

    Dedicated server(s) or cloud?

  2. @Rob
    Thanks, will probably sign up an play around with the environment for a little while and see how it compares to my VPS/dedicated in terms of flexibility. If I want to test out load/traffic spikes from an application locally, should I give you guys a warning? (eg 500 hits/second over a 1 minute time span)

  3. @obassar – no, if you are doing things like port scanning, no problem with running your tests, since they are very short tests. Thanks much, and let us know how it goes.


  4. It’d actually download the source over itself, along with some media, to test out bandwidth response times. Would that be alright?


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