We’re Bringing Unlocked: The Hybrid Cloud To San Francisco

In June, we launched a global tour of Unlocked: The Hybrid Cloud, a free full-day cloud workshop intended to help developers, architects and engineers design cloud applications the right way the first time around.

This week, we’re bringing our cloud expertise to San Francisco. Join us on Thursday, August 15, at The W Hotel for an in-depth look at how a cloud application is designed, written and deployed on the Rackspace Cloud. The whole Unlocked team will be there, and dotCloud CTO Solomon Hykes will deliver the keynote presentation.

Register here for your free pass to the workshop.

We’ll also be joined by Ansible and Iron.io, which will offer lunchtime presentations to demo their products and showcase best practices for using their solutions in the cloud.

The great thing about Unlocked is that you won’t get blasted with Rackspace marketing the entire day. Instead of limiting our conversation to just customers, we want to share our cloud knowledge with the broadest audience possible using a “vendor agnostic” approach.

On Thursday, you’ll walk away with a clearer understanding of the key considerations when adopting cloud into your technical and business strategy, and you’ll learn how other companies have successfully applied cloud computing to their businesses. We’ll also touch on NoSQL and SQL databases, the DevOps movement, as well as an introduction to Margarine, an open-source application built to educate cloud application design strategies.

This week’s workshop in San Francisco marks our fourth installment of Unlocked. The roadshow grew out of an internal program we created called Cloud Savvy, which takes the lessons we’ve learned and applies design principles and best practices to advance the depth of cloud expertise inside our organization. After seeing the success of Cloud Savvy, it became clear to me that we needed to take savvy on the road and share it with as many developers, architects and engineers as possible.

Join me and other Rackspace Cloud experts at Unlocked for a discussion on cloud application fit, polyglot datastores, the Five Pillars of Cloudiness, and more to help you maximize your agility in the cloud.

Wayne Walls is a Cloud Architect at Rackspace, where he evangelizes global cloud strategy. A tenured technology leader, Wayne has engineered complex technical solutions, delivered IT transformation plans, and implemented multiple training initiatives around cloud computing. Co-maintainer of the Rackspace Developer blog, Wayne is helping developers, engineers, and executives understand cloud technologies and how to turn that knowledge into tangible returns. He holds a B.S. of Information Systems and a B.A. of Economics from the University of Oklahoma. Follow him on Twitter at @waynewalls.


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