We’re Going Green at the New Rackspace UK Crawley Data Centre

Rackspace is thrilled to announce the opening of our new custom designed eco-friendly data centre in Crawley, UK, on Wednesday 22nd April. With an impressive list of eco-credentials for environmental awareness and sustainability, our new facility helps maintain our position at the forefront of managed cloud services while delivering an outstanding energy efficiency rating.

Our new 130,000 square foot operation runs with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15 (as compared to the average data centre today which rates at 1.7) – making it highly efficient while delivering high availability too.

This is our tenth data centre across the world. It comes at a time when we are seeing more and more organisations preferring to keep their data closer to home so we’re happy to serve our European customers from this new site in the English county of West Sussex.

We have built our new data centre in partnership with the world’s leading provider of data centre and colocation solutions – Digital Realty. These guys get to work right across the industry so they know cutting-edge technologies when they see them.

When we talk about cutting edge, this is the first data centre in the UK using innovative ‘indirect outside air’ cooling technology on this scale, without mechanical cooling, which means the overhead energy required to operate the data centre has been cut by almost 80 per cent.

At Rackspace we appreciate simple and effective design, so we have built our Crawley facility in compliance with Open Compute Project standards. This gives us the opportunity to provide outstanding scalability and energy efficiency opportunities through the hardware we use. As a result, it will deliver less weight, less waste and less watts than traditional server designs – it really is the epitome of intelligent 21st century infrastructure engineering.

While we’re proud of these impressive specs, we’re most excited about what this new facility will do for our customers. The new data centre, which is the size of two football pitches and holds up to 50,000 physical servers, will help to serve the huge growth in ecommerce, mobile payments, the burgeoning Internet of Things industry and need to capture real time data and analytics. It’s a big investment in the future of managed cloud and our ability to deliver great customer outcomes.


Gary Boyd is Senior Director of Project Engineering at Rackspace, responsible for the design and construction of Rackspace's Data Centers and network infrastructure. He joined Rackspace in March of 2005 at our United Kingdom location, making the trip across the pond in 2011 to truly make our Data Centers world class on a global scale. Prior to joining Rackspace, Gary spent five years at NetBenefit Group plc, a UK web hosting and domain name registrar. Gary studied at Brunel University, London, successfully gaining an MBA. Previous experience included leading expeditions in Southeast Asia for a UK leading youth development charity, Raleigh International. Gary served in the British Royal Marines and Royal Navy for 12 years. Gary is an enthusiastic skier, kids permitting, and enjoys running.


  1. Doing a project on green data centers!

    I have a few questions. How much power is being used by this facility in total? also how much of that is renewable. Thanks!


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