We’re Investing In Cloudant For NoSQL DBaaS

Developers want to spend time focusing on new features rather than managing their databases. This reinforces the importance of database-as-a-service (DBaaS). This is why today we’re fortifying our technology partnership with Cloudant through a strategic investment.

Boston-based Cloudant offers a managed NoSQL cloud database service that lets developers focus on new development and not on operations. That lines up perfectly with our goal at Rackspace to make developers’ lives easier.

In a world dominated by Big Data, there is a major opportunity for managed, hosted databases as more mobile and web apps move to a NoSQL model. Cloudant tackles this market segment with its highly scalable, durable and managed NoSQL DBaaS to provide a globally distributed database solution. Additionally, Cloudant natively provides full-text search through Lucene, integrated MapReduce for secondary indexes and geospatial indexing from a single data store. These capabilities give developers an extensive set of built-in, ready to use features integrated into the database, which eliminates the need for developers to operate multiple, disparate systems. On top of that, Cloudant adds around-the-clock monitoring and administration that lets its customers offload the burden of operating and scaling distributed databases.

Our goal at Rackspace is to provide developers the best tool for the job. With the number of NoSQL database variants exploding, there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. As the database market continues to grow, we plan to support as many variants as we can to make application development easier. Earlier this year, we acquired NoSQL database provider ObjectRocket, which ramps up our support for MongoDB databases. Cloudant’s distributed NoSQL database is built on Apache CouchDB. We want to give developers a choice in which database flavor they use on the Rackspace Cloud.

At Rackspace, we are a long-time Cloudant partner. Cloudant is a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner. There are also a number of similarities in how we do business.

For example, we both know that developers want control of their infrastructure without having to manage it day-by-day, minute-by-minute. Together, we share the vision for an always-on data layer for Big Data apps that lets companies focus on innovation and on business, as opposed to keeping the lights on and managing the tools and people that make databases work. Cloudant is a natural extension of this idea of a database layer.

Rackspace and Cloudant are also working to provide enterprises the ability to run production workloads in hybrid clouds – a blend of the best of public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers. Customers no longer want a cloud that’s one-size-fits-all. Instead, they demand a cloud that is the best fit for their business, their app and their workload.

And we both believe in the massive value of top-notch customer support.

Through this investment, we will work with Cloudant to help it grow in its service, its people and its customers – many of whom are also Rackspace customers. Cloudant wants to enable its customers to focus on building amazing applications without the worry of database headaches. We couldn’t agree more.

We’re excited to see Cloudant build out its support, service and go-to-market strategies as it continues its global expansion and help developers focus on building great applications in the cloud.


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