We’re One Of The EPA’s Top 20 Tech & Telecom Green Power Partners

This week Rackspace was ranked No. 16 on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Top 20 Tech & Telecom” list of “Green Power Partners” thanks to our purchase of renewable energy in 2012. (In 2011, we purchased 25 percent renewable energy worldwide and in 2012 we increased that amount to 30 percent.)

We believe that access to reliable and affordable energy is integral to the growth and success of our customers businesses here at the Rack. In order to make sure that’s true now and in the future, our Global Energy Policy provides the framework for how we think about energy:

  • Energy Conservation: We incorporate energy conservation and efficiency into decision-making in the way we build, buy and operate.
  • Renewable Energy: Our goal is to reliably and affordably power all of our operations with renewable energy.
  • Advocacy: Our goal is to insure that our partners are in alignment with our goals around Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy.

Here at Rackspace, we think about sustainability holistically – and at its most basic: power is one of our largest expenses and is the largest source of our emissions. We’re helping to build a better planet – one with cleaner air for healthier kids and adults to breathe – while investing to create new sources of clean energy that will (hopefully) power our planet for years to come.

While our investment today funds Renewable Energy Credits in the US and Levy Exempt Certificates in the UK (in addition to the renewable energy available in each market from the grid), we’re evaluating more durable ways to bring more renewable energy on line.

Hey EPA, thanks for including us! Every little bit of awareness counts to get us all moving in the same direction.

Melissa Gray is Rackspace’s Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. She is responsible for defining and guiding the company’s sustainability strategy and activities around the globe. She joined Rackspace in October of 2009. Her prior roles include the development of operational support systems and Chief of Staff to the CEO developing Rackspace’s multi-year strategic plan. Gray brings over 15 years of business strategy and operations experience to Rackspace. She has worked for a Fortune 10 company, transforming complex legacy businesses through innovation. She holds three U.S. and EU Software Patents. Melissa received her B.A. from Western Michigan University. Follow Melissa on Twitter @GreenRacker.


  1. I agree, but everyone needs to realise that adding Solar on their house is an asset that could increase the long term valuation of their house if / when they make a choice to sell. With the environment the way it is going we cannot dismiss any system that supplies totally free power at no cost to both the customer and more significantly the environment!


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