What A Developer Gets With ObjectRocket

We recently caught up with Chris Lalonde, Co-Founder of ObjectRocket, to talk about MongoDB and ObjectRocket’s MongoDB database-as-a-service solution. Here are excerpts from that interview.

ObjectRocket removes the pain and management of operating a MongoDB database at scale. Developers get peace of mind knowing ObjectRocket uses a three-node MongoDB replica set, performs data backups by default and automates the task of cleaning your instance. Additionally, developers are supported by a team of MongoDB experts that can assist with tasks like tuning a query that’s slow to respond or troubleshooting issues with connecting to your database.

After signing up, developers receive a URL along with a VIP and a port to immediately connect a database. Chris and the team also built in automatic scaling functionality, allowing you to set utilization thresholds that can trigger the system to cut another shard for you when the need arises.

ObjectRocket fine-tunes hardware to get the highest performance out of MongoDB. Find out how easy it is to get started with ObjectRocket today.



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