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What Are Marketers Creating On The Open Cloud?

Marketers are concerned with two things when it comes to digital campaigns: ease and performance. They need simple solutions that work with their timeline demands and can withstand traffic spikes due to campaign efforts and seasonality.

The Rackspace open cloud was built to meet those needs. The open cloud is agile and simple to use to power your digital marketing strategy.

What are marketers building on the open cloud? Lots of things! Including:

  • Web Content Management Systems (CMS) – Marketers leverage the open cloud to power number of content management systems, including  Adobe CQ, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
  • Websites – The web is a critical component of any marketing effort. We host front-end websites, campaign sites and microsites.
  • SharePoint® – A team of Microsoft ® MVPs are ready to go to help you design, plan, implement and optimize your SharePoint deployment.

That’s just a sampling of what marketers are building. What will you create on the open cloud?

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Ali Lastrapes.

A Racker since 2011, Ali Lastrapes has been marketing hosting services for over six years. She's an expert in email marketing strategies and messaging. Before becoming a technology marketer, she spent 10 years in media and advertising, owning her own agency catering to small businesses in the Houston area. She's got a passion for giving amazing customer experiences and thrives on creative collaborations.

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