What Developers Think Of OpenStack

OpenStack Summit San Diego last week generated a great deal of enthusiasm around OpenStack and the community that is building it. With an estimated 1,400 attendees, it was the largest OpenStack Summit to date.

Over the past couple of months, we offered insight into OpenStack straight from some of its largest contributors via our “How I Contribute To OpenStack” blog series. Here, we take a look at some of the impactful things the participating contributors said (and some of my favorite quotes).

It’s All About The Ecosystem
The only way OpenStack achieves its ultimate potential is by fostering the largest, most diverse ecosystem possible. That cannot possibly be done by any few developers, any single company or any foundation that guides it. The sum total work of hundreds of companies, thousands of developers and every user around the world will be what allows OpenStack to change the world. ‘Nuff said. – Nebula Inc. Senior Developer Gabriel Hurley

Top Notch Developers
I learned a lot from the code written by top notch developers who are very experienced in their fields. Any OpenStack project source code is a very well written large scale Python project case study. – Intel Software Developer Zhongyue Luo

The People Share The Code
With OpenStack … “given enough brains, all features are easy,” simply because the code base is that much more accessible to a wider developer audience. I will add that fundamentally it is not companies that share code, it’s people who do. And they are not only sharing their code, but also their effort, their dedication and their time to contribute to an amazing platform, and that’s what we all love about OpenStack. – hastexo CEO and Co-Founder Florian Haas

A Global Community
It’s great to just head to your local OpenStack community meet-up and start a few conversations to see what people are doing. Hundreds of developers worldwide working on an open design you can influence; making open source code that you can change; and a community that’s ready to welcome your contribution … need more be said? – NeCTAR Cloud Architect Tom Fifield

Quickly Addressing The Needs Of Many
In terms of benefits: quick turn-around of fixes is certainly one. When it comes to features, many companies involved means that feature design and implementation has to address the needs of many, which can be a good thing. – Internap Senior Software Architect Armando Migliaccio

Cooperation And Openness
The OpenStack community leaders have done an outstanding job of engendering a sense of cooperation in such a large group of contributors. The collegial attitude, combined with an openness to new ideas and a shared commitment to following the structured development process make it easy to join and contribute to the project in a meaningful way. As a result, the community has grown quickly and with a level of diversity exceeding the other open source projects I am familiar with, but without losing track of the shared goals that brought us all together in the first place. – DreamHost Senior Cloud Engineer Doug Hellmann

Power In Numbers
The sheer number of extremely talented developers alone is an incredible benefit. In addition, you have perspectives from every major player in the industry. Developing a platform that takes the best ideas from all of them means you end up with the best platform possible. – SolidFire Software Engineer John Griffith

The Best Ideas Win
Open development is another attempt to “uncover better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.” Indeed, if you compare the “Principles behind the Agile Manifesto” to the values that many large, successful open source projects are built around, it’s very easy to see they have much in common.  All of this is a roundabout way of saying that open development is one proven model for building great technology. It’s a model where you put self-organizing teams in the driving seat, where you value craftsmanship, where you trade control for innovation and where the best ideas win. – Red Hat Principal Software Engineer Mark McLoughlin

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