What do we mean by IT Hosting?

Filed in by Lew Moorman | February 25, 2008 9:19 am

When we launched our new brand in January, we proclaimed our category to be IT Hosting. We have gotten several customers asking what we mean by this shift. Do we intend to change our business? Are we getting away from our core offer? What does this mean for customers?

The shift was basically a response to where our customers are taking us. Let me explain.

Hosting as an industry was started due to the simple fact that businesses needed to put their websites near big IP pipes. It was not possible to bring enough reliable bandwidth to your office for your site, so going to the network really created the industry. For the first time, IT shops had applications outside their LAN and outside their property being consumed by people all over the world.

Well, a bunch of things have happened since that time. Applications are becoming web based. The world is more global, meaning employees and suppliers are scattered everywhere. Server and data center needs, even for small companies, have mushroomed. With all this happening, many of our customers have turned to us. “Please run all our servers.” “Take my mail…please.” Customers realize they can buy computing and basic IT as a service much easier than building and operating it themselves.

What does all this mean for our offers to our customers?

A couple simple things.

First, core hosting will remain our focus. Customers have been running all types of applications with us for years. Web sites. ERP. Mail. Custom back office applications. Our goal is to make all that easier. We want to create service offers that make it possible for Rackspace to truly power your IT. One part of this will be adding new capabilities. Security, virtualization, disaster recovery capabilities, monitoring, advanced networking, etc., all will make it easier for you to bring your mission critical applications here seamlessly and without any risk to your business. But, we will also create whole new offers. Mosso, our cloud computing company, is a great place for you to deploy blogs, wikis, promotion sites, etc., all with a click of a button. You can even delegate that ability to your departments or customers.

Second, we want to deliver some core IT needs to you as a service. Mailtrust, our mail division, is totally focused on creating turnkey mail solutions that you purchase by the user. No need to worry about capacity, servers, configuration, spam filtering; you go to the portal and provision what you need, when you need it. Mail is one of those ubiquitous services that all companies need. Look for more to be added to meet those types of needs in the future.

We are really excited about the future of Rackspace. We believe hosting will fundamentally change how IT is done. We hope we can continue to earn your trust to be your IT partner of choice.

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