What is Azure Stack? [Infographic]

Learn more about how this hybrid cloud combines the functionality of Microsoft's Azure platform with the control of a private or on-premise data center.

More than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 uses Microsoft’s public cloud, and it’s easy to understand why: organizations can decrease costs by only consuming and paying for what they use and improve time to market with the ability to quickly scale infrastructure.

But for some workloads, public cloud isn’t an option, whether due to data sovereignty requirements, compliance measures or data gravity — so much data it’s either too costly or cumbersome to manage. In these cases, Microsoft’s private cloud, Azure Stack, is the perfect solution. An extension of your Azure public cloud, Azure Stack offers all the benefits of Azure, plus it can be located wherever you need it, either in your datacenter or with Rackspace.

As with any new technology, you probably have questions about how your specific applications will work with Azure Stack. Check out the infographic below, and then if you still have questions, call one of our Rackspace Azure Stack specialists to discuss your workload and current Azure architecture.

With more than 16 years as a Microsoft partner, including being named Microsoft Partner of the Year five times, more than any other partner, Rackspace has the experience to offer sound advice and planning for your Azure Stack deployment. Learn more about Rackspace Private Cloud powered by Microsoft Azure Stack.

Brooke Jackson is a product marketing manager for Rackspace Professional Services. She has been a Racker since 2009 and has more than 15 years of experience in product management and marketing. Brooke earned her BS and MBA from Virginia Tech, and lives in Blacksburg, VA with her family. You can find Brooke on LinkedIn.


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