What’s The Difference Between Email Backup And Email Archiving?

A common mistake businesses make is confusing simple data backup and email data archiving. Because we hear this confusion so often, we developed the Email Archiving or Email Backup? whitepaper for a thorough explanation of how archiving differs from just backing up email data. In the whitepaper, you’ll find out more about these two biggest misconceptions around email backups and email archiving:

  1. Email backup and email archiving serve the same purpose. False. A backup saves a snapshot of email data, but doesn’t necessarily make it easy to find and retrieve that data when needed. For example, to answer a subpoena for email records, an admin has to dig through volumes of saved data snapshots and format it to comply with the submission format in the request. With a few keystrokes, a hosted email archiving solution retrieves the needed data and outputs it to different formats – without additional hardware or software.
  2. Email backup is cheaper than email archiving. In the short run, it may be less expensive to dump your email data on to tape backup or a local server. In the long run, when dealing with volumes of email data accumulated over years of operation, the cost of scaling, storing and protecting that data can far exceed the cost of implementing a hosted email archiving solution.

Get more in-depth guidance on whether email backup is sufficient for your business needs or a hosted email archiving solution is more appropriate in our Email Archiving or Email Backup? whitepaper.