What’s Your Ecommerce Strategy?

When was the last time you reviewed your ecommerce strategy? Do you have an ecommerce strategy in writing to review? If your answer was no to one or both questions, you’re not alone. Many ecommerce merchants admit to not having a fully fleshed out ecommerce strategy. Without a plan of attack in place, a business is left reacting to business or technology challenges around their ecommerce operation instead of having a solid plan in place to scale and grow business.

Approaching your ecommerce strategy can introduce a flurry of questions and confusion. Over the years, we’ve helped businesses from mom-and-pop shops to global ecommerce behemoths work through and refine their ecommerce strategy with cloud, dedicated and hybrid cloud resources to deliver speed and performance at scale. Along the way, we’ve created articles, whitepapers and blog posts about approaching and thinking though ecommerce strategy. We’ve compiled these resources into one convenient read with the new whitepaper, Building Ecommerce Strategy. Inside, you’ll find an introductory four-step primer on the importance of an ecommerce strategy and practical steps for approaching your strategy. The four-step strategy-building process covers:

  • Compliance and security considerations
  • Performance, availability and scalability needs
  • Mapping site flow and processes
  • Creating an inventory

Read or download the white paper now and start building your ecommerce strategy today.

  • Great post. I’m doing it right now, trying to define a Blue Ocean strategy for my ecommerce.

  • harry

    ecommerce strategy can introduce a flurry of questions and confusion