What’s Your Holiday Email Marketing Game Plan?

If you haven’t come up with a holiday email marketing strategy yet, don’t panic. Here are a few tips from our email marketing partner, iContact, and best practices to get you started on a successful campaign to share holiday cheer with current customers and new prospects.

What Kind of Email?

Would your customer base welcome an email holiday greeting? Can you wrap your greeting up with an offer or some other useful information? Gauge your customers to decide the best way to execute. Consider leveraging holiday messaging into other mediums, like transactional emails, social media, and your website as well.

What Does It Look Like?

If you’re like most businesses during the holiday season, kicking off an email campaign in the midst of holiday and end-of-year chaos can be challenging. With a variety of pre-built holiday templates, iContact makes it easy. All you have to do is drop in your unique messaging, upload your list, and hit send.

What Should It Say?

When thinking about the theme of your holiday messaging, be sensitive to the different ways holidays are celebrated by potential recipients. Be wary of messages steeped in specific religious or cultural holiday customs. Consider using coupons or last-minute deals to drive response or simply thanking recipients for their continued support. As there is an upswing in email activity around the holidays, pay special attention to crafting powerful, compelling subject lines to get your email through the clutter.

When to send?

Take a look at iContact’s “2010 All-in-One Holiday Guide” for suggestions on scheduling your holiday email blasts. If you have other email campaigns running concurrently, ensure that you aren’t overloading inboxes and plan communications effectively. If your campaign includes a special offer, give recipients at least three to five days to receive and act on the offer. For campaigns announcing a special event or sale, send two to three days ahead to make sure recipients have time to read the email and plan to participate.

Read iContact’s complete “2010 All-in-One Holiday Guide.”

Get more information or sign up for email marketing services from iContact.

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