When Big Data Meets Marketing

This is a guest post written and contributed by Erik Severinghaus, founder and CEO at SimpleRelevance, a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner. SimpleRelevance is an email optimization platform that uses internal and external data to automatically execute smarter, individualized email companies.

Over the past couple of years, the big data trend has revolutionized business practices and sales. But how? For starters, every company in every industry at every size has data oozing from their CRM systems. Whether they know it or not, if they have clients or customers, they are sitting on a stockpile of data.

Data has never been more abundant or accessible than it is today. Companies have had internal data points since they sent their first direct mail campaign. Then when their first email campaign went live, they collected even more actionable data. Recently technology has evolved enough that companies can easily harness the ever-increasing amounts of data and apply it to better target their customers. The fact is, making informed decisions about how to market to prospects and clients encompasses the single greatest opportunity for almost any company to increase revenue.

You’ve got data

On any given ecommerce platform, there are several data points that are constantly collected– product click throughs, specific product purchases, male or female-based purchases, price range selection, location and the list goes on. Overlaying this data with external data, such as market trends, offers the unique ability to create fine-tuned customer profiles that apply to current and potential prospects.

For nearly every ecommerce website, there are several boxes that need checked to ensure your product will sell – secure hosting, solid infrastructure, great user experience, contact forms created, email lists generated and many more. Once the site is live the purchases are coming in…or are they? Why? After spending months creating the perfect website, you forgot the importance of crafting personalized messages to your customers.

For example, Jane is a 32-year-old female executive in downtown Chicago. She has two young daughters and loves yoga. She signed up for email offers from a sports apparel store so she could see the latest yoga mats and yoga apparel. She has never received an email with these products but continuously receives emails with men’s special edition orange and black basketball shoes and workout bags. She never buys from this retailer and actually just sent their last email to the spam folder.

The importance of applying the data you’ve already got cannot be stressed enough. There is little to no cost for using an asset you already own and if it were applied at its simplest form, would greatly increase sales and revenue, not to mention make your customers happier.

Don’t let data paralyze you

With so much data about every customer, it can be overwhelming or even paralyzing. Keep it simple by starting with larger demographic groups such as age range or gender. Even applying this data will help target customers more personally. Including “Ms.” or “Mr.” correctly or showing images of people in the same stage of life, shows customers that you’re not batch blasting messages at them. Offering targeted recommendations will also entice them to make a purchase.

Find partners

Many companies lack the internal resources to successfully translate customer data into personalized communications and product recommendations on their own, but that’s no reason to stagnate. There are partners whose job it is to seamlessly integrate with current ESP and CRM systems. Rather than getting bogged down by the technology and details, it can often be easier to create partnerships with the experts who can quickly and efficiently apply your data for better sales results. Rackspace users know the value of secure hosting and should expect the same high standard for their email marketing.

SimpleRelevance does just that, overlaying with retailers and other eeommerce companies’ current ESPs to provide targeted email messages down to the individual level. Using your internal data combined with external data, SimpleRelevance can send email to each customer when they are most likely to open it, including an optimized subject line and customized product recommendations. By linking SimpleRelevance to current ESPs and CRMs, data housed with Rackspace can easily be applied to create personalized customer communication, generating higher conversions and sales.

SimpleRelevance uses your internal data combined with external data to individually personalize email marketing. We make big data accessible to companies of all sizes with our easily implemented technology that appends to almost any email service provider. Our goal is to help companies use their own customer data to generate more revenue from the email they send.

Learn more about SimpleRelevance in the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace: https://cloudtools.rackspace.com/apps/889

Stephen Salas is a Cloud Market Development Manager for the Cloud Tools Marketplace. He works with an evolving ecosystem of technology partners that help extend the functionality of the Rackspace open cloud. A Racker since 2008, Stephen has held numerous sales roles throughout the organization and across many different products in the Rackspace portfolio. Prior to joining the Cloud Tools Marketplace team, Stephen was responsible for advising our customers on their cloud strategy and architecture within our SMB business unit.


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