Where Does IaaS Fit Into The Managed Cloud?

With the launch of Rackspace Managed Cloud last month, we drew a line in the sand. We made it clear that we’re not interested in offering pure commodity cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service with no support. Instead, we offer cloud IaaS that comes standard with built-in managed services to help our customers manage that infrastructure.

IaaS is and remains a critical component in the Rackspace Managed Cloud. Think of it this way: our IaaS by default comes with service; we do not offer raw, unmanaged infrastructure.

What does that mean? It means we take a different approach than the commodity cloud providers who offer only pay-as-you-go, infrastructure on-demand with no services or support included. If you’re looking for raw infrastructure that you have to manage yourself, we may not be the best provider for you.

However, if you want top-notch IaaS coupled with our award-winning Fanatical Support, you’ve come to the right place. Our IaaS comes standard with one of our two managed service levels – Managed Infrastructure and Managed Operations — which provide each of our customers 24×7 access to cloud engineers, architecture advisors, launch assistance, code development assist, cloud services support, security guidance, scaling support, migration support and a new support SLA.

This approach deviates from the do-it-all-yourself cloud infrastructure that once defined the cloud market and creates a new type of service that targets a specific type of customer: one that doesn’t want to deal with the pain and the costs of managing and operating IaaS on their own.

The Managed Cloud is a natural extension of the managed hosting model we pioneered 15 years ago. We have created a full-service cloud model, rather than the “no service” model of the cloud’s early days.

We not only offer the computing, storage and network infrastructure, but we fortify it with our years of operations and management experience to offer customers a Managed Cloud that is the best fit for their specific workloads. With this approach, we deliver infrastructure that has more value to our customers than raw commodity IaaS. We find that our customers are immeasurably more successful with their adoption of cloud when support and managed services are included with IaaS versus those services being optional or even non-existent like they are with some other providers.

IaaS is a key component in the Rackspace Managed Cloud. Along with IaaS, our Managed Cloud allows you take advantage of our entire hybrid cloud portfolio, including dedicated servers, our new OnMetal single-tenant bare-metal cloud servers, our Rackspace Digital offerings and services, our managed virtualization services and much more. Everything we do is Managed Cloud.

Rest assured, IaaS is and will always be one of the pillars of the Rackspace Managed Cloud.