Where Should I Host My DNS And Email?

Two critical pieces for any website or online app are the Domain Name System (DNS) and email. Since these two items are so important for your online site, one question that I would like to see our customers ask is, “Should I host my DNS or email with Rackspace?”

I have seen many customers become frustrated when they have problems with their DNS and email. These issues impact the ability for people to visit your site and communicate with your business. If these services are hosted outside of Rackspace, there is very little that we can do to help get you back up and running. However, if you move your DNS and email over to us, you are able to have those services covered under our umbrella of support. Check out this video to find out more!

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  1. I would LOVE to host my DNS at Rackspace but I have a question. How many DNS entries can be made for a specific domain? IE: we use subdomains for one of our hosted apps and we need to have MANY DNS records associated with the domain. What is your limit?

    • We just moved our DNS to Rackspace, ’cause it’s free – really! We currenty have 100+ domains (including subdomains), some with 100+ records. The limit appears to be 500 domains/subdomains, which is plenty enough for us! Each subdomain is a separate domain, so the limit of entries per domain (if there is one) does not include subdomain entries. We’ve been paying attention, and haven’t noticed any problems. I know, seems too good to be true!


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