Who Is The Ideal SharePoint User?

You are the ideal SharePoint user.

Regardless of business size or industry, SharePoint’s vast tool set and custom application ecosystem is being used by both small and large industries in diverse business segments. More than 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint and 62 percent of workers use it everyday, according to numbers reported in our recently published SharePoint infographic. The Library of Congress, Viacom and Citibank all use SharePoint for different uses in their businesses. With such broad market penetration, SharePoint has found a way to deliver value to diverse types of organizations with highly specialized needs. Three major factors of modern business are driving the explosion of SharePoint deployments.

All organizations have documents and files to manage. The capacity for storing it all extends beyond hardware and software to the ability to retrieve, organize and edit files in a way that users can easily consume. Replacing the standard file server with a system that allows enhanced collaboration and access to information streamlines communication and the time it takes to find important documentation. Advanced search tools in SharePoint also utilize item usage data and user preferences to make finding pertinent information easier.

All organizations need to communicate. As businesses grow they quickly find that email only serves a small piece of their communication and collaboration needs. SharePoint provides the rest with activity streams, social tagging, blogs, wikis and discussion boards. For example, using a wiki to address common support issues reduces IT support time and empowers workers with the knowledge to solve their own problems. Other collaboration tools allow workers to access updates on project progress, get status on the activities of their coworkers and receive important company-wide announcements.

All organizations want to simplify IT. Today, IT is the foundation of business: email for basic communication, accounting software to manage financials, CRM apps to manage client relationships, software to build and track the website. The fewer applications and systems running and tapping overall processing power and server resources reduces the labor and cost needed to do business. Using SharePoint, businesses can consolidate multiple business applications into one system easing long-term maintenance, creating a standard platform to service multiple business functions and increasing productivity by reducing the number of systems workers need to access to complete work tasks.

With all of the benefits of SharePoint, it is still a complex system to run onsite and requires maintenance, tuning and patching. To further streamline operations, many businesses opt to host SharePoint externally rather maintain it internally. The decision is largely based on how an organization intends to use SharePoint. Our experienced team of SharePoint experts has helped organizations of all sizes determine how to best implement SharePoint for specific use cases, as well as shown them new ways to leverage SharePoint. Find more SharePoint resources on our blog and join us on our LinkedIn group for expert advice from the Rackspace SharePoint team and a community of SharePoint pros.

Chris has been working exclusively with SharePoint technologies since 2007. As a consultant he works with organizations on planning and implementing SharePoint solutions that vary in both size and complexity. Primarily an “out-of-the-box” specialist, Chris’ main focus is getting the most out of SharePoint with the native features and tools while also building custom InfoPath and SharePoint Designer workflow solutions. In addition to consulting, Chris also writes and presents courseware for end-users and information workers. Chris is a MCTS for MOSS 2007 and is published as a contributing author to the top-selling SharePoint technical publication Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration and as a co-author for the recently-released SharePoint2010 Field Guide.


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