Who Ya Gonna Call? Preach it Larry!

The value of support is something we discuss every day with customers and prospects here at Rackspace. It’s something that many only realize the true value of, after they have been burned by a provider. It’s hard for us to sit back and just let this continue to happen. The value of support and service matters to businesses—we’ve built our company around it (so, granted, we might be a little bit biased).

Larry Dignan, Editor in Chief at ZDNet, is preaching to the choir when he wrote, “The most galling issue: There’s no one to really yell at,” in a blog post where he discussed his recent Google Apps support issue. While no provider likes being yelled at by customers, we can understand Larry’s pain. When you count on hosted services for your business, we believe you need a real partner that you can actually call 24×7.

We are working hard to help preach the message that Larry is helping bring some spotlight to—but we need your help. How can we help more businesses realize the benefits of choosing a partner who values support, before an issue occurs? Better yet, how can we improve on delivering an incredible service experience? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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