Why I Love My BlackBerry More Than Ever

I’ve been an avid Blackberry user for several years now. It has become my lifeblood—I can’t imagine life without it.
But recently my Blackberry has become an even bigger part of my life. In addition to getting the new 8830 World Edition, I have been testing out our new Blackberry sync capabilities—currently in the late stages of beta. For the first time ever, all of my contacts, calendar events, and tasks sync up with all of the data I put into webmail, and vice versa. Instead of needing to manage the two separate systems, I now have the peace of mind that my data is centralized, synchronized, and always up to date. This is incredibly valuable because now, no matter where I am, I can see my contacts, calendar, and task lists, and add to them, knowing the data will then be in my webmail account when I get back to my desk.
This is nothing new for many Blackberry users that run Microsoft Exchange. That’s because many Blackberry users are running Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), which talks to their Microsoft Exchange Server and automatically syncs all of this information between Blackberry and Outlook. Our customers don’t need BES or Exchange to enjoy some of these luxuries. I personally use webmail as my full-time email client and now I sync webmail data with Blackberry. For me, this is the perfect combination.
Blackberry sync capabilities are scheduled for release next month. If you’re a customer and a Blackberry user, I highly recommend checking it out. Blackberry life will never be the same.
A note about sync’ing your email . . .
To sync your email, you just need to configure your email account via Blackberry Internet Services on your handheld. Unfortunately, Blackberry will only allow you to manage and sync the email that is stored in the email server’s Inbox (and not in your online Drafts folder, Sent folder, or any other online folders you have created). This can be a problem if you typically filter incoming email into other folders. So for emails you want to read on your Blackberry, you should turn off your email filters, and instead have all email arrive in your Inbox.

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