Why is Rackspace Supporting Amazon Web Services?

Our customers at Rackspace have always pulled us toward our future. Over the past year, more and more of them have told us that they love Rackspace expertise and Fanatical Support, and would like to get it for the workloads that they prefer to run on AWS. We have spent the past several months working with those customers and with AWS, to create the best managed services offering on that platform.

Today, we bring this offer to market with the launch of Fanatical Support for Amazon Web Services.

We have a long history of providing the world’s best expertise and customer service for the world’s leading technologies. We help businesses tap the power of the cloud without the pain and expense of managing it all themselves. We have gone deep on support for platforms such as OpenStack, Microsoft and VMware. Our success in leading the managed cloud market for those technologies has been validated by industry experts such as Gartner and, most importantly, by our 300,000-plus business customers.

As we’ve extended our managed cloud portfolio with Fanatical Support for AWS, we have trained and hired one of the world’s largest teams of AWS experts, who have attained more than 130 AWS certifications. That level of expertise places us in the top tier of managed service providers in the AWS ecosystem. We are also now part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and we’ve completed the AWS Managed Service Provider audit, which is a third party audit meant to test for deep AWS knowledge in conjunction with the right capabilities to deliver cloud managed services.

In addition to gaining certifications on the AWS platform, we have also been adding significant value to make the AWS cloud work better for our customers. Our team has built operational tooling and automation directly on top of the AWS platform to help customers achieve superior architecture, manageability and security. In preparing for the launch of Fanatical Support for AWS, we conducted a beta program in which customers helped us sharpen the focus of our offering.

We at Rackspace have always sought out the world’s leading technologies and provided expertise and Fanatical Support on top of them, even if we already supported a “competing” solution.

For example, we offer private clouds powered not only by OpenStack (which we co-founded) but also by Microsoft and VMware. We support Microsoft Azure while maintaining a strong commitment to OpenStack. We do this because our customers manage diverse application portfolios, which require more than one tool to create the highest value. It’s our commitment to provide them with the right choices, and to make these technologies more simple and valuable to them. Today, customer adoption of AWS is growing rapidly and we see strong demand for a high-value, trustworthy managed services offering on the AWS platform.

Fanatical Support for AWS will appeal to customers in several categories:

— Businesses that have long used Rackspace and wished to use AWS for some of their workloads, but wanted the Fanatical Support that they have come to rely on.

— Businesses that have long used AWS on their own, but have grown rapidly in scale and complexity, and now want to focus more of their technical talent on work that differentiates them: i.e. serving their customers and building new products.

— Businesses that will be new to both AWS and Rackspace, that have wanted to use the AWS platform but have sought better expertise and support, at scale, than they’ve been able to find to date.

Whether you’re already using AWS or are considering it for your next workload, Fanatical Support for AWS will add solid value to your business. To learn more, please visit www.rackspace.com/aws.

Taylor Rhodes served as CEO of Rackspace, responsible for all of the company’s operations in the U.S. and abroad, until May 2017. He excelled in a variety of leadership roles in sales, support, and international operations, and was known for achieving high levels of engagement with customers and Rackers alike.



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