Why OpenStack Will Succeed

With an audience estimated at 1,400 at OpenStack Summit San Diego on Tuesday, OpenStack Foundation Executive Director and Rackspace Cloud founder Jonathan Bryce outlined three key reasons OpenStack will succeed.

It starts with the users. “Our users will be a key to our success,” he said. OpenStack users are unique in that they’re not just customers; they’re part of the broader community. At the Summit, for example, some major OpenStack users were represented: Living Social, Comcast, eBay, CERN, Mercado Libre, Wikimedia and Deutsche Telecom.

“We have a lot of users and we have more users coming,” Bryce said, noting that customers are putting a lot of trust in OpenStack and are running deployments that range anywhere from 10 to 10,000 nodes.

To continue that path of growth, Bryce noted, the OpenStack Foundation must engage users and listen to their needs while also investing in user integration into the community.

Another key pillar of OpenStack’s success, Bryce noted, is its international nature. With a show of hands he found Summit attendees from Canada, France, the U.K., Austria, China, Japan, South Africa and Australia. The only continent not represented was Antarctica.

Bryce said user groups have popped up around the globe – there were 20 meet-ups alone the day the OpenStack Foundation officially launched.

To ensure international expansion continues, Bryce said an overseas Summit is in the works for sometime next year, and an ambassador program for international OpenStack members and contributors is on the horizon.

Third, Bryce said, OpenStack will succeed because of the passion around the project itself – a passion that has built up OpenStack to roughly 600,000 lines of code from the less than 30,000 just two years ago.

“We have a lot of passion about what we do, how we do it and who’s doing it with us,” he said, later adding “People feel really invested in this.”

He illustrated the passion around OpenStack with a short video. The video, taken on the opening day of the Summit, shows hundreds of attendees lined up and waiting to get inside, not unlike the line at the launch of a new, hot Apple product.

“People everywhere, they care about OpenStack,” he said.

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