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Why We Craft OpenStack (Featuring Rackspace Software Development Manager Glen Campbell)


As OpenStack Summit Atlanta fast approaches, we wanted to dig deeper into the past, present and future of OpenStack. In this video series, we hear straight from some of OpenStack’s community members from Rackspace about how the fast-growing open source project has evolved, what it needs to continue thriving and what it means to them personally.

In the video below, Glen Campbell, Rackspace Manager of Software Development, discusses how OpenStack is influencing the future of the cloud at scale and how companies and vendors are working together in the community to solve customers’ problems.

“Companies that have in the past tried to carve out a niche for themselves are instead trying to work together to build a solution that’s good for all of their users,” Campbell said.

Be sure to check out previous installments in the “Why We Craft OpenStack” video series featuring Kurt Griffiths, Jarret Raim, Ed Leafe and Chuck Thier. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta for OpenStack Summit, May 12 through May 16.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Vyjayanthi Vadrevu.

Vyjayanthi Vadrevu is part of the developer marketing team at Rackspace, and provides the anthropologist angle in making sure developers’ needs are understood and met. Prior to this, she was in enterprise business development at Rackspace. Outside the office, Vyjayanthi enjoys startup events and competitions, teaching and performing Indian dance, world music concerts, and hanging out with family (including her dog, Mohitha) and friends in her hometown of Chicago.

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