Windows In The Cloud: The Various Flavors Of Migration

As you begin exploring the cloud and how it can help your business, you might be wondering, “So how do I migrate from my on premise Windows server over to the cloud?” There are actually many different ways that you can perform this migration that are similar to what you would do in migrating to another dedicated environment.

One way is to set up your favorite File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application and take data from your on premise server over to your cloud server. You can also use some of the built in tools that Microsoft has for Internet Information Server (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server to migrate that information over to the cloud. Furthermore, you could set up Database Mirroring and have a database on premise and mirror and replicate that data to a database server in the cloud.

However, if you are looking for additional assistance, you can reach out to one of our Cloud Tools partners who specialize in migrations. Companies like Racemi or AppZero have the knowledge and the experience to help you get over to your new Windows cloud server. Finally, we have internal teams at Rackspace that can assist with some migrations for new customers choosing a managed cloud account. Simply contact us once you’ve established a new account and we are happy to discuss options with you.

Check out Tobin’s previous article about how to have a hybrid configuration with your Windows environment having a presence both in the cloud and on dedicated gear. In his next post he discusses Windows architecture in the cloud. You can also get more information on Windows in the Rackspace cloud and find out how to move to the cloud in stages.

Tobin is a Manager at Rackspace, helping to hire and mentor hundreds of Rackers on various customer support teams. He loves studying customer service at companies around the world to better understand how the customer experience can be improved. When he is not at The Rack, he likes to ride his bicycle and put together bicycle racing events.


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