Windows Server 2012 Coming Soon To The Rackspace Open Cloud!

Filed in Product & Development by Cole Humphreys | September 4, 2012 1:05 pm

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Rackspace Cloud now supports Windows Server 2012. Get more information here[1].

While much of the mainstream and tech press has focused on the upcoming release of Windows 8, most of us know that Microsoft has also been hard at work on the latest release of its server operating system: Windows Server 2012. The updates available in Windows Server 2012 will make it easier for you, our customers, to deploy and use the features available in the Rackspace open cloud[2].

Use of Microsoft operating systems continues to grow and Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 are prime examples of how Microsoft is changing with the evolving needs of a growing customer base.

At Rackspace, we believe in making the cloud open and accessible to as many users and technology platforms as possible, and that includes a commitment to rapidly getting Windows Server 2012 into our cloud offerings, including Cloud Servers[3], Cloud Sites[4] and Dedicated Servers. This will enable our cloud customers to take advantage of the significant improvements in the Windows Server 2012 platform, including:

These are just a handful of the features in Windows Server 2012 that make it an excellent choice for deploying in the Rackspace open cloud. For a comprehensive breakdown of these and other new features, see the Microsoft Article “What’s new in Windows Server 2012[5]”.

We are excited to get Windows Server 2012 into the hands our open cloud customers as soon as possible. We are in the final stages of our fanatical testing and validation process, so go to[6] and signup to be notified when the product is ready!

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