Windows Server 2012 With SQL Server 2012 Now On The Rackspace Open Cloud

The Rackspace Cloud Servers team is please to announce the availability of new Windows Server 2012 images containing SQL Server 2012 Web and Standard editions for our next generation Cloud Servers customers.

Here are some relevant links as you consider taking advantage of SQL Server 2012 in your Cloud Servers applications:

As with existing Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server instances, the pricing model is simple and straightforward. You pay a fixed hourly price depending on the instance size of the server you are using, multiplied by the number of hours a month the instance is in use. Handy pricing calculators are available on the “Create Server” page in the Control Panel, and in various places throughout the Rackspace signup process and website.

For more information on specific pricing for your region, see the following links:

As of today, SQL Server 2012 is available with Windows Server 2012 for both our core and Managed Service Level customers.

Additionally, early access to Windows Server 2012 License and Installation Services is now available for customers with Dedicated Hosting environments at Rackspace (Test Terms apply). This will enable our customers interested in taking advantage of the new features and enhancements on Windows Server 2012 to begin their proof of concept or test and dev efforts.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and can’t wait to see the next generation of solutions that you can build with Microsoft technology, powered by the Rackspace open cloud!

Richard Goodwin joined Rackspace as a Product Manager in June 2012, focusing on images and the OpenStack Glance project in the Cloud Compute team. Before joining Rackspace, he helped manage and launch a series of online services, including online backup, in the group at Symantec Corp. He has a long history in both web services and storage technologies, with almost a decade each at Symantec and Dell Inc. serving enterprise and SMB customers.


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