Winning Moneycloud: Fast Migration Of Applications To Rackspace Cloud

This blog is a guest post written and contributed by Greg O’Connor, CEO of AppZero, a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner. AppZero offers a migration function, which extracts applications from production environments and packages them for movement to the cloud without re-engineering, change, or lock-in

As CEO of a company with technology that changes the economics of moving enterprise applications to the cloud, I liked Moneyball. The movie (and book) chronicles the payroll-disadvantaged Oakland A’s victorious adoption of pioneering metrics under general manager Billy Beane. Forced by the mother of invention to find a way to turn $41 million in salary into a Goliath slayer of teams spending over $125 million in payroll, Billy Beane made himself first a laughing stock, and then a leader.  Today, teams that play Moneyball are the norm – and the methods/metrics are inarguably obvious … looking back.

We know the big winners of cloud computing today and for sure Rackspace is one of them. That’s the easy part. The hard part is knowing who will be the winners in the next two years to five years. One thing I know about those new winners is that they will be completely obvious … in retrospect.

The winners will have been disruptive, yes. But they will have been disruptive in a way that is practical. Disruptive in a way that solves a problem that moving to cloud creates.  Because greatness is not a product of doing something old in a new way, but of doing something great in a new way.  Bonus points for doing it in a way that is also straight-forward.

Good news for AppZero customers and partners:  we do something that desperately needs doing, and we do it differently. We make complex enterprise applications moveable – in part because we encapsulate them for travel without the burden of a VM or OS. Better yet, we remove the burden of heavy lifting by humans when it comes to moving your enterprise apps to the cloud.

AppZero’s migration tool extracts and packages enterprise applications to move from and amongst clouds without engineering, change or lock-in. It works like this:

•It’s designed to move applications that have been installed and are running, perhaps for years, with or without any documentation.
•It automatically moves the application from the source machine to a target machine – one in the cloud, for instance.
•AppZero moves only the application of interest. It does not move any of the other applications that may also be on the source machine (thus making it a perfect extraction and migration tool for providers such as Rackspace).
•It can move existing state and data.

It makes so much sense to send an application-centric tool to do the application-centric job of moving applications to the cloud. Ending on a baseball note … run, don’t walk, to learn how AppZero can help out your winning season in the cloud.

I am always looking for a way to communicate better and cut to the heart of any discussion. So, if you have thoughts on this subject drop me a line at GregO {@} Appzero {dot} com or tweet me @gregoryjoconnor or us @appzero_inc.


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