With Field Service Management Software, Speed And Reliability Are Paramount

By John Linn, Co-Founder, Bella FSM

When your software keeps technicians in the field connected, speed, reliability and uptime are imperative.

At Bella FSM, we provide SaaS for the field service industry. Think HVAC, construction, cleaning services, equipment maintenance and more — any company that has techs in the field.

These companies rely on our software to run business operations from beginning to end, including work order management, customer management, scheduling, dispatch, eSignature, invoicing, accounting and a host of other functions. And we’re 100 percent web-based and mobile.

When we started Bella FSM in 2005, leveraging Rackspace managed hosting was a no-brainer. Why? Two words: Fanatical Support.

We’re a small company with limited resources. We rely heavily on Rackspace to manage and operate our server infrastructure.

For our clients, reliability is key. They demand 24×7 access to our software with no hiccups. I can’t remember having any downtime with Rackspace. Sure, our software had a few issues early on, but I can’t think of a time when we’ve been down and not accessible because of Rackspace.

While we’re investigating the cloud, we’re currently using a dedicated server environment. We run Apache Tomcat, which in our experience runs better on dedicated hardware. Our customers upload a huge amount of data and our software can be data intensive. Our dedicated environment is responsive and speedy. If one of our customers uses our software, logs in through the browser and the system is slow or unresponsive, they lose business — and we do too.

We wouldn’t be where we are today with out Rackspace’s support and managed hosting. We’d have had to hire at least two full-time people to get the level of service we receive from Rackspace. And when we call, we get someone on the phone the first try.

Rackspace takes support one step further by sharing its expertise in helping us figure out and pinpoint issues in our software and our development or glitches in our software or in Tomcat – whether it has to do with Rackspace infrastructure or not.

I truly see Rackspace as an extension of my IT department.


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