WOAI’s Randy Beamer Gets The ‘Real Racker’ Treatment

This post was written and contributed by Randy Beamer, Emmy-award winning co-anchor and photojournalist for News 4 WOAI in San Antonio. Randy recently toured Rackspace’s Castle headquarters and immersed himself in Racker culture for a piece that aired this week on News 4 WOAI at 6:30.

“We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”  I’d like to send a quick, personal shout-out to all “Real Rackers” everywhere and especially those of you kind enough to endure our storming of The Castle for our story (News 4 WOAI at 6:30).

I can’t tell you how much “job envy” everyone here has after looking at our footage. You should feel very proud of where you “work” and I hope we get across the real vibe of what it’s like to be there every day. It’s pretty entertaining and I’m guessing that more than a few “wanna-be Rackers” will try to join you after seeing our story.  I hope they’re worthy.

Thanks again and RACK ON!


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