Workload Optimized Cloud Servers Now Available in London

Our London data center has just launched the Compute and Memory-Optimized flavor classes of the Rackspace Workload-Optimized Cloud Servers.

This new breed of cloud servers delivers exceptional levels of computing power. Previously available only to our U.S.-based customers, they’re now available in our London data center to our European-based customers.

We know our customers’ cloud applications require high levels of performance for their specific workload needs, and need a range of flexible options for their storage requirements.

That’s why we engineered our Compute and Memory Optimized Cloud Servers to boot exclusively from Cloud Block Storage, allowing companies to define the storage to best meet their needs, whether high-performance SSD-backed storage or lower-cost SATA.

For compute-intensive tasks like top-end web hosting, application servers, rendering and simulation, the Compute flavor comes in five sizes:

Name vCPUs RAM
3.75 GB Compute 2 3.75 GB
7.5 GB Compute 4 7.5 GB
15 GB Compute 8 15 GB
30 GB Compute 16 30 GB
60 GB Compute 32 60 GB


Rackspace Memory-Optimized Flavors are recommended for in-memory analytics and high performance databases, such as MongoDB and MemcacheD/Redis applications. The class is available in five flavors with the following specifications:

Name vCPUs RAM
15 GB Memory 2 15 GB
30 GB Memory 4 30 GB
60 GB Memory 8 60 GB
120 GB Memory 16 120 GB
240 GB Memory 32 240 GB


All these flavors are built in Open Compute hardware, just like our OnMetal Cloud Servers, with highly available top of rack networking and dual independent power feeds.

Following the London launch, Rackspace’s Hong Kong and Sydney data centers will move to roll out Workload-Optimized Servers throughout the rest of 2015. Click for more information on our Cloud Servers.


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