Xeround Cloud Database Now Available On Rackspace UK

This is a guest post written and contributed by Avigail Ofer, director of marketing at Xeround, a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner. Xeround is an elastic, always-on database-as-a-service for MySQL applications.

Xeround Cloud Database, the zero-management database-as-a-service for MySQL applications, is now available in Rackspace’s UK datacenter, enabling cloud users running their apps in Rackspace’s UK datacenter to create their Xeround DB instances in the same datacenter and enjoy Xeround’s no-downtime guarantee and true elasticity.

Xeround Cloud Database, which has run in Rackspace’s U.S. datacenter for more than a year, ensures high-availability and unlimited scalability of your database in the cloud with just one click – eliminating the need for extensive configuration, management overhead or code changes on your part. You simply create your cloud database, connect your application and you’re good to go!

Xeround’s service includes:

• Auto scaling your database scales up or out across multiple nodes when more capacity or throughput are required and shrinks back down when it is underutilized.
• No downtime SLA guaranteeXeround’s built-in replicas and auto-healing architecture ensure your database is always available.
• Scheduled backups
• Unlimited throughput
• Phone, email and web support
• Zero maintenance
• No code changes to your app!

The first 30 days of using Xeround on Rackspace are free! No credit card is required.

• Sign up today to create your cloud database on Rackspace
Watch the short Product Tour (1:30 minutes) to see how Xeround works on Rackspace

Not Just The Database: Learn The Benefits Of An All-Cloud-Services Strategy

We believe that developers should focus on their code and not on the IT/operations side of things. And we’re not the only ones who believe that.

As more and more applications are being migrated to the cloud, developers are choosing to integrate best-of-breed managed cloud services with their applications rather than develop the components themselves or (worse yet) be bothered with the infrastructure hassles like in the past.

Read this case study of Blue-Saki Online, a Xeround customer running on Rackspace who chose an all-cloud-services strategy to develop its video marketing platform.

By examining the reasons for choosing only cloud services – from application server and load balancers, to database service, CDN, email delivery, load testing, monitoring, financial services and more – we can see how the cloud helps developers cut down on development and operational costs, enable faster time-to-deployment and improve reliability for mission-critical applications.



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