Xeround Cloud Database Now Commercially Available on Rackspace Cloud: Auto-Scaling & High-Availability for Your MySQL Database

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[1]This is a guest post written by Itamar Haber, AVP Ops & Solutions at Xeround, a Rackspace Cloud Tools[2] Partner. Xeround[3] is an elastic, always-on database-as-a-service for MySQL-based applications.

As someone who had experienced both working with databases as well as trying to get them to work, I know how labor intensive it can get (and how frustrating at times) just to get your database to run smoothly.

In the cloud environment – this gets even more complicated, particularly when your database needs to demonstrate scalability or availability, or both.

While Scaling an application (by adding additional servers and load balancers) is pretty much a no-brainer; on the database tier things are very different. Scaling a database in general is no trivial task, and in the cloud it is WAY more difficult because of the need to quickly adjust to changing requirements in load. Scaling a database[4] is tedious, painful and potentially risky in the sense that it can cause a temporary denial of service. Furthermore, you often need to commit to a larger machine for seasonal peaks, while the rest of the time those resources go underutilized.

Maintaining high-availability in the cloud also doesn’t make life any easier for the DBA. You need to closely monitor the dynamic cloud environment for any failures, and be able to react immediately and in a way that will be transparent to the application and that will not interrupt the service.

With more and more applications being migrated to the cloud, we’re seeing many developers opting for a database-as-a-service solution – one that’s optimized specifically for the cloud, and that takes care of all DB management tasks, freeing them to focus on the application.

Xeround Cloud Database is a drop-in database-as-a-service for MySQL-based application. Xeround handles the availability and elasticity of your DB automatically – so you can kick back and relax…

Xeround service includes:

•    Auto Scaling – your database scales up or out across multiple nodes when more capacity or throughput are required and shrinks back down when it is underutilized.
•    No Downtime SLA Guarantee – Xeround’s built-in replicas and auto-healing architecture ensures your database is always available.
•    Scheduled Backups
•    Unlimited Throughput
•    Phone, email & web support
•    Zero Maintenance
•    No code changes to your app!

After a few months in beta, Xeround is now commercially available on Rackspace Cloud. If you share my sentiments on how fickle-ish cloud-based database management systems can be and want this to be someone else’s problem, I urge you to try us out and sign up for a free trial of our service.

The first 30 days of using Xeround are free. Once the trial period ends your database instance would be charged by actual usage- depending on its data size and data transfer. There are no subscription commitment or minimum charges.

Sign up today to create your free cloud database[5] on Rackspace.

I would also like to invite you to register for the webinar[6] I’m hosting together with Rackspace on Tuesday, October 4th at 2pm CST. It will consist of a live demo of our database service as well as a hair-raising, edge-of-the-seat experience when I’ll forcibly terminate parts of the service and show how availability is kept. Hoping to see you then and there.

Webinar Details

Date: Tuesday, October 4th
Time: 2pm CST

Click here to register. [7]


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