Zendesk Makes Great Customer Support Easy

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This post was written and contributed by Matthew Latkiewicz, Online Editor for Zendesk[1], a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner[2].

[3]Zendesk[4] is a leading provider of web-based customer support software with elegant ticket management and a self-service customer community platform. Built upon the idea that help desk software doesn’t have to be costly and complicated and should be focused on the customer experience, Zendesk lets companies offer high-quality support for both internal and external customers at minimal expense. Zendesk is easy to customize, integrate, and use so companies can quickly start offering better customer service.

The Complex Simplicity of Customer Engagement

Customer support and engagement is a simple concept — communicate with the customer, make it easy for them to communicate with you; help them as effectively and efficiently as possible; care about their experience, etc. — that can be hard to execute.  It’s one thing to offer great customer support to a handful of customers; it’s another thing entirely when your customer base grows into the hundreds or thousands.  Cumbersome or inefficient processes such as managing all of your support requests from an email inbox can turn your best intentions into long wait times, poor service, or even complete silence from you — resulting in annoyed customers jumping ship.

Additionally, the Internet has fundamentally changed the way a company does business and deals with its customers; the rise of social networks presents additional challenges. It’s now more critical than ever for companies to focus on the most important piece of their business: the customer.

Zengage Your Customers

Zendesk helps you keep that focus.  When you sign up for a Zendesk account, you get immediate customer request web forms, complete community architecture, and a knowledge base repository that is ready to use — just add content. And Zendesk automatically works with your email so you can focus on engaging your customers, not on digging through your inbox.

At the heart of Zendesk are two types of customer conversations:

  1. Private conversations handled through support tickets
  2. Public conversations managed on the community support platform

In both cases, Zendesk:

Serving More Than 5,000 Businesses, Large and Small

Businesses use Zendesk to interact with customers online.  Today, Zendesk serves more than 5,000 businesses large and small, including Twitter, MSNBC, Lonely Planet and SAP; not to mention our good friends at Rackspace.  With Zendesk, they can achieve and maintain the level of customer engagement they promise.  As Damian Green, a Product Operations Engineer at Rackspace, says:  “In our old ticketing system, customers would send an email to a black hole.   With Zendesk, they can look at a control panel, see a status, and get email updates throughout the process. This is a huge step forward in showing our customers that when we promise Fanatical Support, we walk the talk.”

Paul Ford, from Rackspace Corporate Development, is Your Connection to the Rackspace “Cloud Tools Partners” Ecosystem [5]. To find out more about how Zendesk and other tools can increase your productivity, satisfy your IT needs, and generally make your life easier, contact him any time at paul.ford@rackspace.com[6]

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