ZeroVM, UTSA Partnership To Investigate Future Cloud Use Cases

ZeroVM is an exciting technology. It holds the promise of making cloud computing remarkably faster, lighter, more secure and more affordable.

Based on Chromium Native Client (NaCl), ZeroVM virtualization creates a secure isolated execution environment that can run a single thread or application. Most importantly, ZeroVM can be easily embedded inside of existing storage systems.

This is a paradigm changer. It enables developers to push application to data, rather than today’s model of pulling data to application.

Many of the best tools developers use everyday are open source projects that have been built on a foundation of long-term support by a corporate sponsor. Partnerships like these ensure that projects have the resources they need to flourish and build a thriving independent community of contributors.

When Rackspace acquired ZeroVM last fall, it committed to keeping this project open source, so that all can benefit and contribute.

Rackspace’s sponsorship of ZeroVM runs deep. The company has formed a three-year partnership with the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) to undertake advanced research projects that investigate how to make cloud computing with ZeroVM more valuable for everyone.

UTSA doctoral candidates and professors will delve into core issues including the ZeroVM security model, and location-aware scheduling algorithms. They will also investigate new paradigms for data analysis that can be enabled by ZeroVM; such as multi-tenant massively parallel cloud-based database management, big data extraction, and large-scale image search.

ZeroVM this week participated in the Open BigCloud Symposium and Open Compute Project Workshop at UTSA. The university’s Cloud and BigData Laboratory has also unveiled plans to launch an OpenStack cloud on Open Compute hardware for research and education.

The university is leading the way in enabling next generation hyperscale cloud infrastructure. We’re delighted to be able to partner with them on this important research, made possible by Rackspace’s dedication to supporting ZeroVM technology development.

There is a huge range of challenging use cases that ZeroVM makes possible. Rackspace’s partnership with UTSA enables developers to explore.

We’ll be filling you in more in coming months, about the research projects’ leadership and progress. Stay tuned!

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